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The more I grow as an artist, the more I understand that waiting for inspiration is useless. Art is about decisions based on information and experience. We experience the world and decide what to do with the information we take in. It’s all very much subjective.

That said, there is no day, I feel that I can’t spend the majority of the day pursing artistic endeavors, whether it takes the form of filming, illustrating, screenwriting, or photographing SOMETHING. There is no day that I couldn’t spend doing one, or a number of these activities and others without leaving with either a lesson learned or a product that I like. The disconnect, for me at this time anyway, is fining out how to market, monetize, and distribute the products of these activities.

I think for a lot of artists, we want to focus solely on the creation portion of the process. I’m finding out ways to focus not only on the creation of art, but also on the creation of wealth. With Jupiter, the ruling sign of Sagittarius, now comfortably sitting in Capricorn, I’m taking it upon myself to understand my value and demand the reciprocity I deserve.

Do you have any reservations when it comes to understanding your value and demanding your worth? Let me know!

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Updated: Dec 18, 2019

We’re now 20 days away from 2020. This last decade I’ve learned so much and grown in myriad ways. I’ve experienced some of the highest highs and lowest lows. I thought, as we enter this new decade, it would be nice to write some notes on how I (and perhaps you) can protect our energy as we move into the new year.

  1. Self Love: It’s important to understand that every action you take comes from your thoughts and emotions. In order to engage in actions that are beneficial to your preservation and growth, you must do so from a place of love. It has taken me so much time to get to a point where I can feel like I truly love myself. And I have seen so much life improvement along the way. My wish is that my work inspires others to continue in their journey of self-discovery and self love.

  2. Faith: No one has achieved any great deal of success without first believing their ability to achieve that success. Many marginalized people face the reality that much of the systems in which we operate are built for us to fail. However, we can succeed only through first believing in our own strength.

  3. Community: Over the past year especially, I’ve met so many wonderful, amazing, beautiful people. From visiting Nigeria to working on set at Pose, I’ve been inspired by so many men and women who are confident in their mission and working so hard to achieve their goals. Whatever we seek to do, we cannot do it alone. Building a community of folks who see you and support you is imperative toward your continued success.

  4. Clarity: Perhaps this started as a way of protecting myself but over the years I’ve developed an air of ambiguity. However, I’m learning that you need to be absolutely clear about what you want in order to get what you want. Things do not just fall into your lap and people are not mind readers. Clarity is key.

  5. Boundaries: It is an unfortunate fact of life that people will try to take from you as much as possible for little in return. You need to set you own boundaries for what you are able to do for people with what they are able to give. A simple ‘no’ can save you a lot of stress.

  6. Conditions: This piggybacks of off boundaries but whenever you seek to work with anyone in any professional capacity, it’s important that you set conditions for your work. An example may be that you won’t begin until they’ve paid x amount of the bill, or that in order for you to be available you need at least 24, or 48 hours notice in advance. It is okay to work from a place of preservation. People who seek to work with you should respect you as much.

  7. Vulnerability: One thing that I continue to struggle with is letting myself be vulnerable, whether that is letting myself be seen and subject to ridicule or simply showing my flaws. Moving forwards, I’m going to commit to being more open with friends and family alike.

  8. Honesty: It’s best to commit to honesty and transparency when dealing with others. For the most part, people will understand where you’re coming from. There is no experiences that you can have that others can’t relate to even on some small degree.

  9. Consistency: Quality is one thing, but consistency is key in improving anything that you seek to improve. Whether it’s with your health and wellness regiments or content output, consistency is a major factor in distinguishing those who achieve and those who don’t. Create and stick to schedules that you can realistically honor. You’ll be surprised how much growth you see.

  10. Openness: There are opportunities every single day, all around you. However, you are not going to get anywhere if you block yourself off from them.

  11. Persistence: Not starting something is the most sure way to fail. Considering early roadblocks as a marker of failure and giving up is another. If you have a strong desire and will to achieve, being persistent in the event that something comes up will get you through.

  12. Excellence: Unlike perfectionism, excellence is a commitment to high quality work that is rooted in love. Forgo trying to make everything perfect, but commit to excellence and you will shine.

  13. Fortitude: Shit happens, stay strong.

  14. Will power: It’s easy to want immediate gains from your efforts or simply niceties just from showing up. If you have the power to delay immediate pleasures in lieu of long term success, you will be amazed with what you can do in time.

  15. Commitment: Following through will plans that you’ve set forth can be difficult in times where you’re not seeing immediate gains. However, commitment in even one area of your life will have multiplier effects that set off positive changes throughout your life. Sometimes the adventure is not starting something new, but building and growing with what you’ve decided you won’t let go.

  16. Humility: You’re not better than anyone else out here. Remember not to base your actions on that which self-serving, but for the benefit of something bigger than you.

  17. Reservation: Keeping the light inside you burning means sometimes you need to step back and fuel yourself. It’s okay to fall back from something if you think it may drain you of the energy you need to serve yourself and others.

  18. Flexibility: Being steadfast in your position is limiting to growth. It’s okay to shift when the time or situation calls for it.

  19. Curiosity: Never stop questioning, learning, living, and growing. There is ALWAYS something new to learn, uncover, or see.

  20. Self-Love: This can’t be stressed enough. Love yourself, and you will see improvement all over you life.

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This summer I’ll be working on a project called 'Composite' which seeks to highlight the stories and perspectives of first- and second-generation Black Immigrants. This is a project that I tried to take on last year but for a number of reasons decided to put on hold. However, after a year of immense personal insight and self reflections, I’ve decided that now is the perfect time to pick it back up. Check out the information below for why I’m doing this, and learn how you can participate or otherwise help!

‘Composite’ is a proposed ongoing webseries that highlights the thoughts, ideas and impressions of Black Americans who are first- or second-generation citizens of the United States (i.e. people who identify as black where one or both parents are immigrants from Latin America/the Caribbean/Africa, or those who were born in another countries themselves).

Presently, there are over 40 million People in the United States that identify of Black. Although the vast majority of these people are descended from the country’s history of slavery, a sizable and rapidly growing number of Black Americans are recent immigrants from the Caribbean, South America, the African Continent and other parts of the world. This figure currently hovers around 9% of the American Black Population and is expected to double by the year 2050.

Historically, immigrants from West Indian countries such as Jamaica, Haiti, and Trinidad have dominated the waves of Black immigration. However, African countries like Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia are now becoming more represented in the population of Black immigrants and Black Americans as a whole. People from these countries have markedly different histories from one another and from the multi-generational Black Americans that make up the majority of the Black population in the United States. These histories, and cultures impact our identities and worldview.

‘Composite’ explores a range of topics through the perspectives of this corner of the Diaspora. And, in doing so, hopes to paint a better picture of the Diaspora as a whole.

Each Issue of the Series will focus on one person, or Character. These Characters will be interviewed on a number of topics related to their interest and expertise which are approved in advance by the Character. Issues last from 5 – 7 minutes showing a quick insight into the Characters thoughts about a certain topic.

Each Character will be interviewed on a range of topics that reflect their personal experience and expertise. These topics will be shared with the Character before the interview date. They will guide the conversation in hopes to draw out insight from each Character on the Day.

Selected topics may range from:

  • What is it like being the first daughter in a Nigerian Household?

  • How has having one West Indian parent and one African parent shaped your experience?

  • What is it like being a gay man in a Jamaican Household?

  • How has afrobeats impacted global music?

  • What are misconceptions of being Afro-Latina/o

Full length episodes will be posted on Vimeo, Facebook and IGTV. Short, digestible clips will be posted on IG (page) and Twitter.

For more information about how you can get involved please reach out to me via And follow the project at

Let's making something special together!

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